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Bungle Bungle NP

The Bungle Bungle Range, in Purnululu National Park, is one of the most striking geological landmarks in Western Australia, offering a remote wilderness experience. It's been around for 350 million years and revered by its Aboriginal custodians for at least 40,000 years, but the striking Bungle Bungle Range ('the Bungle Bungles') in World Heritage-listed was a secret from the outside world until 1983.

Tue 12th June, 2018

From Wolfe Creek to Halls Creek. We topped up the supplies at Halls Creek and went to Bungle Bungle.

Map of Purnululu National Park with 2 main sections.

Boab Tree - a native to Western Australia - on Great Northern Road leading to Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle )

The last 53 km (3-4hrs) into the park is via a notorious corrugations that can rattle 4WD down to its component parts. You can drive fast if you don't love your vehicle.

Cuppa break on the way to park.

Wed 13th June, 2018

Sunrise on the way to Piccaninny section of the park.

Elephant Rock before Piccaninny section.

Sunrise at Piccaninny

Piccaninny Parking

Track towards Cathedral Gorge.

Cathedral Ggorge

An astonishing natural amphitheatre of red rock. The unusual bee hive striped formations and deep gorges make it one of the most fascinating geological landmarks.

After Cathedral Gorge, track goes towards Piccaninny Creek Lookout

View from Piccaninny Creek Lookout

Termite mound near lookout.

A dome with a hole near 'The Domes'

Sunset at Piccaninny

FoxRoo & Frankie at night fall at Piccaninny.

Thu 14th June, 2018

View from Kungkalanayi Lookout near Kurrajong campground

Fri 15th June, 2018

Sunrise at Osmand Lookout (in the north-west section of the park).

Neil is seriously into photography.

Frankie at Osmond parking.

Signboard at the start of Echidna chasm walk.

Beautiful scenery on the rocky path which leads to Echidna Chasm.

Path to Echidna Chasm then narrows until it is just two shoulders width apart. Gazing skywards to the bright blue sky, the orange towering walls look as if they are lit from within.

Track to Mini Palms Gorge

Lookout at Mini Palms Gorge

Sunset at Bloodwoods

Nightfall at Bloodwoods - Moon and Venus

Sat 16th June, 2018

Back to Great Northern Road after a grueling 53km track.

Nightfall at Dunham River - Moon is closer ro Venus tonight.

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