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Chambers Pillar

Chamber's pillar is 50m high impressive sandstone pillar towers over the plains below. It's best seen at sunset or surise when it reflects the light to bring out the strong red and orange colours.It is about 50km on rough road from Maryvale.
Map of Chamber's Pillar from Lambert Center.
May 20th 2017

From the camp after Fink we travelled on Finke-Alice Springs road - a 4WD track with heavy corrugation at places. There are few ruins of stations on this track.

This is Bundooma Ruins - a station on the old Ghan Railway line.
A burned car bear Bundooma Ruins. A familiar feature on the road between Finke & Maryvale (or perhaps Alice Springs)
And close to Maryvale there is Engoordina Ruins.
As we reached town of Maryvale we saw few camels.
A hilltop near Maryvale. Only hill that can be see for miles.
Same hill near Maryvale.
From Maryvale it is about 45km to Chamber's Pillar. First is Castle Rock just in front of Chamber's Pillar towards east. We stayed at a campground where one can see the Castle Rock in the East and the Pillar in the west.
A walk towards Chamber's Pillar in the afternoon from campground.
John MacDuall Stuart on 6th Apr 1860 was the first European explorer to reach here and named this to his friend.
There is lookout platform at the base of the Pillar. It takes about 10-15 to climb to this platform. A view from the lookout towards south.
From viewing platform looking towards (east) campground.
And view of Castle Rock from Chamber's Pillar
Window Rock - near the Pillar.
From the base of Pillar looking towards south.
From the Pillar lookout, looking towards east - Castle Rock and campground in the middle.
FoxRoo & Walkabout III at the campground - photo taken from the viewing platform at the base of Chamber's Pillar.
Chamber's Pillar at sunset. Rob coming down the slope.
Sunset over the horizon.
Sunset (left to right) - Windows Rock, Castle Rock and Chamber's Pillar.
Chamber's Pillar at sunrise with amazing color with viewers on a platform about 700m before the Pillar. The viewing platform is also visible close to base just behind the viewers. Photo taken by 2000mm Nikon from campground.
Early morning sunrise, photo taken by 2000mm zoom from campground with Ann standing on the platform near campground.
Chamber's Pillar at sunrise.
More photos at sunrise. It just doesn't stop. The viewing platform is visible close to base.
Castle Rock at sunrise, photo taken from the campground while sun is behind the rock.

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