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Henbury - Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley has scenic sandstone bluffs and cliffs that are a photographer's delight. These are most impressive in the soft light of the morning or afternoon around sunset. At these times the sandstone bands change from ochre red to orange and purple.

Fri 1st June, 2018

After visiting Painted Desert in South Australia, now entering the Northern Territory.

Frankie soon followed us at the border.

Nice cloud formation.

Henbury Meteroite Crater

When a meteor crashed into the earth 4,700 years ago it left 12 craters in the Central Australian desert that can be explored today at the Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve. The Henbury meteor weighed several tonnes and hurtled to earth at 40,000km per hour before fragmenting on impact.

A very happy Neil!

Frankie & FoxRoo at luxurious million stars Henbury campground.

Sunset at Henbury Meteroite Crater.

Sat 2nd June

From Henbury travelled to Rainbow Valley, which is 25km off the Stuart Highway. The dirt track is often corrugated, sandy and rocky in places.

Sandstone bluffs and cliffs are mesmerising in soft light at dawn or dusk.

There were some occasional friendly flies but disappear soon into the darkness after sunset.

One inquisitive finch!

Looks like mother nature has started painting the cliffs.
Sandstone bands change from ochre red to orange, yellow and purple.

FoxRoo & Frankie at sunset.

Another luxurious million stars campground.

Sunset, campfire and some happy couples.

After sunset - and Venus is eager to follow the sun.

Sun 3rd June, 2018

A cool Sunrise - literally speaking need some fire and a cuppa!

Dry claypan in front of cliff.

Dry lake fills to the brim during rainy season.

Mushroom Rock below.

Mushroom rock - created by wind and water. It needed just few million years for nature to create it.

Another sunset and colours change from ochre red to orange, yellow and purple.

View from FoxRoo bedroom window.

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