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Isla Gorge

Isla Gorge is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 415 km northwest of Brisbane. There are no walking tracks in Isla Gorge and loose, crumbly rock makes the descent into the gorge dangerous. Isla Gorge Lookout is located on top of the gorge, the Isla Gorge campground is close to natural cliff faces with sheer drops.

Route of FoxRoo travel. Brisbane - Carnarvon Gorge - Isla Gorge - Crows Nest NP and back to Brisbane.

Mon 2nd April, 2018

After leaving Carnarvon Gorge, headed Isla Gorge. On the way, stopped for lunch at rest area on the bank of Dawson River

Gilbert Lookout in Taroom. Park is built in memory of English man John Gilbert was a member of Ludwig Leichhardt's 1844 expedition. He was killed near the Gulf of Carpentaria having been speared by a native

Isla Gorge view from lookout

A small track along the narrow ridge to a hill lookout near by.

Tue 3rd April, 2018

We went to Crows Nest National Park north of Toowoomba.

This is valley of Diamonds.

Koonin Lookout at Crows Nest national Park.

Walking Trails near campground.

Kauyoo Pool. There are few swimming holes around here.

A Kukaburra at Crows Nest campground.

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