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Kroombit Tops NP

Kroombit Tops is a National Park in Central Queensland, Australia. Located between Monto and Calliope in The Boyne Valley, it is 3about 400km northwest of Brisbane.

Standing above surrounding farmlands the sandstone escarpments, gorges, creeks and waterfalls of Kroombit Tops provide a cool retreat. Explore intriguing natural and cultural wonders hidden among a mosaic of woodlands, rainforests and scrublands.

Kroombit Tops NP is about 400km NW of Brisbane, 85km west of Gladston. The main entrance is via Tableland Road off Bruce Highway.

Local area map. We didn't go via main access Tableland Road but took a more rough and rugged road Clewleys Gap Road from Ubobo.

Map of Kroombit Tops National Park. There are 3 camp areas, all without any facilities. Other places to visit are a lookout and bomber crash site beside driving on 4WD tracks.

29/07/2017 Kalpower State Forest

First Kalpower State Forest, where as planned we met our friend Jamie & Beth in their Earth Cruiser before going to Kroombit NP. In the foothills of the Burnett Range, Kalpowar State Forest protects a mosaic of forests.

As usual mandatory campfire in the evening.

30/07/2017 Glassford State Forest

Next morning we passed by Glassford State Forest. Glassford was a gold & copper mining area in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s located on Little Glassford Creek (sometimes called Coppermine Creek).

The tracks in Glassford State forest are quite rough passing through dry bed of creeks.

After finding a suitable room along the track, we parked our trucks on the side.

And then walked some distance to Markham’s Gardens on Chinamans Creek (photo by Jamie).

Track leading to Markham’s Gardens is uphill at some places.

Track is 4WD but narrow for our trucks. After driving on rough road for sometime, time to stretch.

At the gardens there are about a dozen or so huge mango trees planted in rows, a couple Guava trees and citrus trees, these trees and gardens were planted around the turn of the century (1890’s- 1900’s) by a Chinese gentleman named Wah Gon (Markham).

A plaque is carved on the tree.

30/07/2017 - Clewleys Gap Road

After spending a night at small Ubobo township, we took Clewleys Gap Road to Kroombit Tops. The track is narrow, rough and uphill. It is backroad to the National Park. The main access is via Tableland Road (see map).

At the top track becomes mostly flat. We stopped by a shade and some old farming machinery and had cuppa while giving rest to the trucks.

The Kroombit Tops NP lookout parking area.

There are couple of platform over looking valley towards East.

Map of the view in front of platform. We drove all the way from down on the right hand side of the map - Kalpower State Forest.

And group photo for our accomplishment today after driving a rough road all the way to the Tops.

Griffith Creek Camp Area

As planned earlier we stayed for couple of nights at Griffith Creek camping area, where we all met Neil & Pauline for first time in their Frankie (an ex-army Canter - on the left).

Chilling around campfire.

Photo taken by Jamie by zoom lens while everyone is watching him.

Neil is a good drone pilot!

Camp fire in the cold night.

01/08/2017 - 4WD track

There is about 35km 4WD track - partly one-way because it is narrow.

On the way we stopped for Beautyful Betsy Bomber crash site from 1945.

'She' is a Second World War Liberator bomber that crashed in Kroombit Tops National Park on February 26, 1945, on a flight from Darwin to Brisbane.

8 people died in the crash.

The wreckage of "Beautiful Betsy" was not discovered until 49 years later on 2 August 1994, when park ranger, Mark Roe, was checking the results of a controlled burn-off in the Kroombit Tops National Park, about 80kms from Gladstone.

Standing on an escarpment, park ranger Mark Roe saw something glinting in the sunlight about 800 metres north of his location. He found the wreckage of "Beautiful Betsy" which had crashed on the side of an unnamed hillside.

Plane parts are strewn over a large area.

There is a sign board not to disturb the parts out of respect for those who were killed in the crash.

A tragic side story was that Flying Officer Roy Cameron was due to be married to his fiancé Daphne in Brisbane four days later, and one of the other men killed was to have been his best man. The site is now preserved as a monument to the tragedy.

We camped for the night at The Wall camping area close to above crash site.

The Wall Camp area is on some grassy clearing on the south bank of Annie Creek.

There is vertical stony face of the hill just behind the Annie Creek, hence the name of camp area - The Wall.

02/08/2017 - one way 4WD track

Next morning we continued on one way 4WD track and back to Griffith Creek Camps site for the night stay.

Fedra cooked Kebabs for the evening meal.

03/08/2017 - Razorback track

Next morning we headed towards Biloela 65km away via Razorback Track.

It is all the way down and down. Occassionally in open, there are panoramic views of western side of the Kroombit Tops.

Now going down all the way on Razorback Track, stubby lever will be firmly engaged and all the low number gears will be used.

Apart from the wheel lifting, suspension maxing thrills, the scenery is magnificent with sweeping panoramic views as the track follows narrow twisting ridges. The Razorback Track is well named.

There are some steepish loose hills to descend along the way.

After about 35km, the last section runs through rolling hills.

Now on Valentine Plains Road, driving was much easier and enjoyable.

Beautiful cloud formation near small town of Eldsvold (pop 630).

Eldsvold is named after Eidsvoll in Norway.

We stayed for the night at Tolderodden Regional Park near Eldsvold before heading to Tara for the Camel Race festival.

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