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Lambert Center

In 1988 the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia determined the geographical centre of Australia as a Bicentennial project. A monument was erected to mark the location and named in honour of Dr. Bruce P Lambert, a former Director of the Division of National Mapping, for his achievements in the national survey, levelling and mapping of the continent.
Map Mt Dare to Lambert Center
May 18th, 2017

From Mt Dare, we travelled towards Finke on a fairly good gravel road. Then just before Fink turned left on another gravel road going towards Stuart Highway. Road is corrugated but flat and we managed to do 60-70km/hr at places. We saw couple of 2wd cars passing by at speed but met no other traffic.
There is small hill beside the road before the Lambert Center turn. A small stony and slipery track leads to the top.
The view from hill top is beautiful with 360 degree. Spent some time on the top enjoying the silence except noise of beautiful light breeze.
View from hill top towards west.
Looking east towards Finke. It is just mesmerizing and hard to leave the place but flies are determined that you leave early.
After about 15km from Fink, a signboard for Lambert Center - 12 km from here on a chopped & washed out track. Going was slow or we felt slow after speeding at 60-70km on the main road. But it took almost 30-40 minutes to reach there.
And the monument to geographically center of Australia. There were just 2 other vehicle when we reached and they left soon after.
A group photo was mendatory.
All the men at Lambert Center.
It is huge flat area with a drop toilet.
A board in the honour of Dr. Bruce Philip Lambert - 1912 -1992
After visiting Lambert Center we returned Finke and passed through very quite town. Hardly saw anyone there. Drove towards Maryvale on highly corrugated road but manage to travel at 50-60km/hr. Found a designated campground and stayed for the night. There are no facilities there.

A good overnighter, very quite.
After dark it got cold and nothing better than a campfire, sip and hot food.

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