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Living Desert

Only 10km from Broken Hill, the Living Desert is a unique 2400ha reserve which commenced in 1992. Within the Living Desert Reserve are two must see major attractions - the sculptures and the flora and fauna sanctuary. The Sculptures comprise 12 sandstone artworks which highlight the skyline, all with a story to tell. Located on a majestic hilltop within the centre of the reserve, the sculptures were completed in 1993 by artists from around the world.
Map of Living Desert. There is $10 entry fee payable at entrance with a boomgate by credit card. There are 2 parts - Cultural Walk Trail/Flora & Fauna section & Sculpture (Rock Art).
A wooden sculpture at the entrance.
Aboriginal Huts. A display of past culture.
And recent contemporary Story Pole artwork
The Flora and Fauna Sanctuary comprises an area of 180 hectares bordered by an electric predator-proof fence.
Valley on the northern side of Cultural Walk.
In the middle of this cultural section there is lookout on the top of the hill.

Then a 5 minutes drive to Rock Art section. These sculptures were completed in 1993 by artists from around the world.

Angels of Sun and Moon by Valirian Jikya from Rustiva, Georgia.

View of Broken Hill town from the Rock Arts hill.

'Under the Jaguar Sun' by Antonio Nava Tirado, Mexico City.

The mouth of Jaguar take the sun at night to protect it. Day is represented by the circle created by the sun.

Rock Art with Broken Hill town in the background.

Thomasina by Thomas Munkanoma from Tiwi Bathurst Island

Habitat by Dr Ahmad Al Ahmad, Damascus Syria

Motherhood by Badri Salushia, Tbilisi Georgia
The Bride (Australia) by Dr Mahomad Mira, Damascus Syria

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