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Mitchell Falls

The Mitchell Falls are the major and the most photographed attractions of the Kimberley region. The approach to the area poses a challenge in terms of track's ruggedness and vehicular stress, while the end destination is iconic for its inimitable natural artwork.

Map of Mitchell River NP and Falls.

Arial view of Mitchell Falls & Mertens Falls.

Tue 19th June, 2018

At the Gibb River and Kalumburu roads T junction we turn north towards Drysdale/Kalumburu.

Gibb River crossing, 5km from the T junction of Gibb River Road.

We stopped here for cuppa (FoxRoo and Frankie in distance on the other side)

A croc in seemingly meditation in Gibb river.

After about 80km is Drysdale River crossing.

Whenevr a vehicle passes by, Crane will move away but take the same spot again seconds later and stand still.

A good stop for a break.

Drysdale river have variety of bird life.

A nice catch - grass hopper.

Stopped on a side road for the night. There was no traffic after dusk.

Wed 20th June, 2018

An abandoned car nicely stacked against the tree.

160km from Gibb River Road, turn off to Mitchell Falls road. Mitchell River NP is about 90km (3-4 hrs) from here.

Mitchell Falls road - it is damn big corrugated, whatever the speed it can shake the fillings out of the teeth and rattle the vehicle down to its component parts.

King Edward Falls Parking

After 8km turnoff on Mitchell River Road comes the King Edward river crossing which during wet season level can be very deep and sometime impassable.

King Edward Falls parking & campground is about 2km off the main track

King Edward Falls are only about 500m from car parking.

Walk is along some rocky plateau, some of them very smooth and red to get to the waterfall and beyond.

Mitchell River NP

Registration Kiosk at the entrance of Mitchell Falls area (campground, ranger's office, helli rides etc). Neil & Pauline filling out the camping site form. We stayed here for 3 mights.

All walks start from day use area next to campground. Ranger kindly invited everyone to watch Australia - Denmark world cup soccer match at his office on tele. There came about 20 people to cheer Socceroos.

Track until Mitchell Falls is largely sign posted. But some places still need to lookout for them.

After 15-20 min walk from car park, comes to top of the Little Mertens Falls.

There are several rock pools to sit in and cool down.

Another 10 min walk and the track comes to Aborignal cave art.

Little Mertens Falls base pool is next to Aborignal Art Cave.

Base pool is popular for afternoon dip as it is very close to campground.

Another 30 min walk and track comes to Big Mertens Falls crossing.

Lily Pond just behind the Mertens Falls.

A rock boulder on the track.

Another 30 min into the track and it reaches Mitchell River crossing.

To cross to other side there are sign posts to follow the shallow part of the river.

River crossing at its deepest point is only knee deep.

After crossing turn right and the track goes towards gorge and the falls.

A rainbow can be seen at the bottom of last fall.

Cascade of Mitchel Falls.

To reach the end where cascade falls and the gorge can be seen, narrow track goes over boulders and rocks.

A bower birds nest close to campground. Seems he is very busy collecting the shells to woo females.

Sat 23rd June, 2018

On the way out of Mitchell River NP, on a terrible track with beautiful scenery on both sides.

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