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Mt Moffatt

Mt Moffatt is about 220km north of Mitchell, which is 590km west of Brisbane via the Warrego Highway. This region is located towards western part of Carnarvon Gorge. It has sculpted sandstone outcrops, spectacular views from the highest plateau in Queensland and highly significant Aboriginal rock art sites are found in this remote section of Carnarvon National Park.

Mt Moffat truly is the place to get high in Queensland with the north-eastern section of the Park forming the 1,180m high Consuelo Tableland, the highest plateau in Queensland. Quaintly known as the 'Roof of Queensland' it forms part of the Great Dividing Range with most of the Park being more than 700m above sea level.

Map of Mt Moffatt Region

Dargonvalley Rock Hole Camping ground

Marlong Arch track start

Track to Marlong Arch

Marlong Arch
Few Rock towers near Marlong Arch

Under the Marlong Arch

Aborginal Art

A big spider

Track to Kukaburra Cave

NO, NOT HER!! It is track to Lot's Wife Rock

This is Lot's wife Rock

Road to Kenninfs Lookout

Track to Kenniff's Lookout

Incernation Site

Lookout from Rotary Shelter

Rotary Shelter Shed

West Branch Campground

The Chimneys Rock

Signboard how Chimneys were formed.

The Tombs - Sacred Burial Ground

The Tomb Rock Art Site

The Looking Glass

The Cathedral Rock

Mitchell Hut

Fridge and signboard at Mt Moffatt Rd & Westgrove Road

And a horse walked into a bar at Mitchell.

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