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Oodna Track

The gravel Oodnadatta Track runs from Marree in South Australia and travels roughly northwest for 620 kilometres through the tiny town of Oodnadatta before looping back to the Stuart Highway at Marla.The track follows a traditional Aboriginal trading route. Along the Track are numerous springs feeding water from the Great Artesian Basin, ruins of old stations etc. Most of the route follows the old Ghan railway line.

Sun 27th May

We left Marree in the afternoon on the Oodnadatta track with Frankie (whom we met at Marree). The track is corrugated with loose stones.

Unfortunately one sharp stone slashed side of Frankie's tyre (rear right). It can't be plugged and needs replacement.

Tyre change in progress while the evening sets in.

Evening sun and the dark clouds in the distance towards Marree, changed dramatically the color of track and hills around us.

We turned back to Marree to look for a new tyre (but gathered we can find at Roxby Down). On the way back saw couple of half rainbows disappearing in the cloud

Couldn't resist taking photos while sunset produced magic colors all around.

FoxRoo & Frankie

Mon May 28, 2018

Next morning left Marree again and down the track, the Mutonia Sculpture Park emerged like a mirage, and just as unbelievable.

Sculptures are made of recycled metals. Designed by Robin Cooke, all are made out of useless waste products

We stayed night at Champagne Corner near Roxby Downs, which was next stop for getting new tyre. But found it will be delivered at Alice Spring so had to make a slight detour from Oodnadatta track.

Lovely fullmoon night, bush camp, camp fire and ....

... and the good company.

(general note: mobile phones camera suffer from focusing in the dark)

Tue May 29, 2018

We stopped for a while at salty Lake Hart off the Stuart Highway.

A short walk from parking area and crossing over the Ghan Railway Line, come across the dry lake bed. Hart Lake is about 100sq kilometers and once used for salt producing.

Sign of disappearing wooden rail when salt was being produced and carried away on trolleys.

Neil is blocking the storm drain pipe running under the railway line.

.... Copy cat.

Fedra on a mound of salty rock.

FoxRoo and Lake Hart in distance.

Later in the evening found a suitable spot somewhere in the bush to spend the night.

Soon there is sunset to enjoy.

Show is almost over on the western front.

And time to turn attention towards east where moon is showing its presence above the horizon.

Moon still looking as big from last night's fullmoon.

Campfire is a must to enjoy the evening and for a goodnight sleep.

After a very peaceful night, the silent sunrise (except few birds call).

Wed May 30, 2018

Morning fire, breakfast and ready to move on.

Bubbler Spring and below Algebuckina Bridge. We visited them last year but this year due to detour we had to give them a miss. But we will be back another time. Worth seeing places.

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