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Oodnadatta Track

The gravel Oodnadatta Track runs from Marree in South Australia and travels roughly northwest for 620 kilometres through the tiny town of Oodnadatta before looping back to the Stuart Highway at Marla.The track follows a traditional Aboriginal trading route. Along the Track are numerous springs feeding water from the Great Artesian Basin, ruins of old stations etc. Most of the route follows the old Ghan railway line.
Map of North West side of Oodnadatta track.
Map of South East side of Oodnadatta track.
Iconic Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta. The roadhouse has been coloured pink around 1975. A bar, fuel and basic food is available.
Track after leaving the Oodnadatta.
Algebuckina Railway Bridge - about 60 km South East of Oodnadatta, opened in 1892 and was the longest bridge in South Australia until 2014. The bridge crosses the flood plain of the Neales River. It was built by a team of 350men. A good scenic picnic and fishing spot.
Bridge is in rusty condition.
Track is missing at places.
View from the bridge. Almost everyone passing by the Oodnadatta track, stops here to have a look.
Ruin of a car at the base of the bridge.
A signboard near Williams Creek. WIlliams Creek lies between Oodnadatta & Marree.
Few emu in the bush.
And some emu on the track. They won't move away unless go very close to them.
After 75km crossing Williams Creek we turned towards Bubble Mound signboard and passed through this dry bed creek.
First comes Blanche Cup about 4-5km from main track.
Both Blanche Cup & Bubbler Mound springs are natural outlets for the waters of the artesian Basin, where artesian pressure forces water to the surface.
It was evening and shadows were getting longer so decided to spend the night somewhere. We found this open space near Ghan Rail Bridge between Williams Creek and Marree. No one was there except we could hear dingoes howling from distance but didn't see them.
As evening wores on shadows get longer.
And get longer and longer. Just wanted to know how far shadow can go!
And on the western front, a colorful sunset.
Colors get more pronounced.
And final play of nature's paint brush before it gets dark.
Ans sunset over Ghan bridge.
Enough firewood for the campfire (not really).
And after roaming around and taking the photos, time to start the campfire. We still could hear howling of dingoes but still no sight of them.
Next morning moved towards Marree and passed by sothern edge of Lake Eyre South, where it just brushes the Oodnadatta track.
Information board at Eyre Lake South lookout.
About 60km before Marree track passes by Mutonia Sculpture Park built by Robin Mutoid. Lonely industrial sculptures in South Australia created by a mechanic turned artist. The sculptor has used scrap metal to create these landmarks. Apparently, it began as a protest against a planned mining. But now it is a well known landmark. Each year he makes the trek out to the park to create another work of art from recycled material. In his own words, 'once there is no more waste he will be out of a job.
The 'Big Dog' dingo and smiling open mouth made out of an old Chrysler.
Ghan Hoover Bus
Ruins of Farina after Marree
And some new ruins are being built for future visitors.

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