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Painted Desert 2018

The Painted Desert was seabed 80 million years ago. As the land rose, some of the rock has eroded away, leaving the Arckaringa Hills in many shades of orange, yellow, and white shale on the slopes (hence called Painted Desert). The colours in the cliff formations are amazing and vary from yellow to brown, with all shades of orange and red, depending on the time of the day. As so often in the Australian Outback, nature turns on a brilliant firework of colours at dawn or dusk.

May 30th 2018

We planned to see both sunset and sunrise at Painted Desert or called Arckaringa Hills.

The road to Painted Desert, either from Cadney Park or Oodnadatta, is gravel dirt road with mixture of corrugation, rocky. From either side it is about 85km. From Cadney Park it is more winding.

There are some hills near Coober Pedy or on the way to Painted Desert which look similar to Painted Desert (Arckaringa Hills) and surly they would look spectacular in the sunset or sunrise.

From parking area, a short walk of about 2km return goes to the top of few hills in the area. Can see many colorful painted hills which Mother Nature has taken 80 million years to create this master piece.

Rocks look colorful and brighter as the sun approaches horizon.

The slopes and shapes include many different colours and shades of orange, yellow and white.

It is the coloured shale on the faces of the hills from which the name “Painted Desert” came.

Shadows are getting longer and there becomes contrast betweek lighted and dark areas.

FoxRoo also seems enjoying the sunset!!

We noticed few people on another hill came to enjoy the sunset in its own way.

Same hill looks differently as the evening wears on.

Finally sun touches the horizon where we are on the top of a hill.

And the darkness is falling on the surrounding hills.

31st May, 2018

Painted Desert at dawn.

And the first rays of sun, and the time for nature's paint shop to open soon.

Arckringa Hills start showing many shades of orange, yellow, and white shale on the slopes.

Moon is still visible, ready to go down the horizon.
And mother nature turns on a brilliant firework of colours at dawn, same as at dusk.

Some clouds started forming towards east which made the colors bit washed out, for a while.

Eventually left as the hills started losing their brilliant colors.

We drove towards Cadney Park and then towards Henbury Crater & Rainbow Valley.

Stayed the night at Agnes Creek and as usual, the campfire.

Creek have some good bird life.

And the moon still looks almost full.

Hmmm.. fire dance under the moonlight? Must have some special occult powers.

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