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Plenty Highway

The Plenty Highway is about 800km of partly sealed and mostly rugged corrugated outback highway which is shortcut from heart of the Red Centre through Queensland and the Alice Springs (Northern Territory). It has shifting outback landscapes. Coming from Alice Springs after crossing short sealed section, the road quickly deteriorates to earth, bulldust, rocks and potholes.

After visiting Trephina Gorge in East MacDonnell Range, we took the Pinnacle Track via Arltunga, Binn Track to Plenty Highway.

5th July

Continuing east from Trephina Gorge, turned left on to Arltunga Road (part of Binn Track) just before Ross River Resort.

Arltunga Visitor Center

After Arltunga a rocky track pass via Ambalindum.

After Ambalindum, it is another 80km to right turn off on to Pinnacle Track. Track condition after Ambalindum was much better.

Stopped at begining of Pinnacle Track for lunch. Plenty Highyway is about 40km away.

There are few gates on Pinnacle track.

Pinnacle track is also mostly corrugated and rocky.

Finally Pinnacle track meets Plenty Highway. Gemtree caravan park is on left about 8km away. We turned right towards Boulia.

In the begining Plenty highway is mixture of single & double lane up to Hart community.

Corrugated gravel road starts after Hart Police station. Boxhole Crater turn off is 40km. We couldn't go due to time constraint, some othertime.

In later afternoon we stopped at a peculiar location with 3-4 pointed top hills.

Sunset was amazing over the hills.

And the Sunrise

Almost in the middle of Plenty Highway is a appx 6m tall termite mound.

Few kilometers down is the 3 Range View.

In real life ranges are more clear.

Come across one of many abandoned cars on the way.

Immidiately after Tobermory roadhouse is border of Queensland and NT.

There is Emergency airstrip for RFDS aeroplane.

Entering runway on 120 degree on magnetic compass.

Cattles also crosses over to other side of their pasture field.

On Queensland side of Plenty Highway, track was in better shape though rocky at places.

Came across a 4x4 Iveco Camper truck.

Another abandoned car with funny graffiti - couldn't guess why.

And a broken trailer. Pieces were everywhere. Sometime it is cheaper to leave behind than getting it fixed.

About 10km before Boulia we stayed for the night at Bengeacca Creek and watched beautiful sunset.

And Sunrise over Bengeacca Creek.

Highway after Boulia is single lane.

We passed by Lucknow Creek. There is Lucknow station close by. Lucknow is a city in Northern India.

Aproaching Cawnpore Lookout.

The name Cawnpore is another Indian City close to above Lucknow.

There is 360 degree view all around from the lookout.

Seems Lucknow & Cawnpore names were named by people who hailed from India during British Raj time.

FoxRoo from the lookout.

Came across another 4x4 Iveco Camper truck. Guess it is Earth Cruiser.

Between Boulia & Winton is Middleton Hotel/Roadhouse. Good food and a pub.

An old nine passeneger horse driven wagon.

A million Star Hilton Hotel in front of Hotel Middleton. Always there is vacancy, but no room, no charge, no TV, no nothing, just a flat dusty ground and free camping.

Came across a hill with broken end on its side.

And another camper truck, this time 4x4 Isuzu.

And yet another 4x4 Isuzu camper truck at Longreach.

Wind Mill at Barcaldine turns golden at sunrise.

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