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Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley has scenic sandstone bluffs and cliffs that are a photographer's delight. These are most impressive in the soft light of the morning or afternoon around sunset. At these times the sandstone bands change from ochre red to orange and purple.
Map Rainbow Valley
May 21, 2018

Travelled from Chambers Pillar to Rainbow Valley via Hay River Stock Route, Stuart Hwy and then another 40km to the NP campground. There are limited spaces and self registration. There are couple of drop toilet but no shower. Noticed many vehicle had to go back to spill over campground further back after they couldn't find a spot in the main campground.
Sunset is the major attraction. All of sudden colors start coming out of mountain. If time is short then have to be quick to get around and take photos before it gets dark.
These hills are famous for colors they display at sunset.
Which ever section of the walk you go, colors are amazing.
But there is constant battle with flies. Though they dissappear as soon as the sun goes down. Head net is must otherwise none of those fly creams, spary don't seem to work more than few minutes.
And the those rainbow colors start fading as it gets dark. As usual spend the evening around fire in good company.

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