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Tanami Track NT to WA

Tanami Track at 1170km is a short cut from Alice Springs to Kimberley region in Western Australia. It starts 20km north of Alice Springs and runs up to Halls Creek in WA. It is mostly dirt & gravel road with some parts prone to severe corrugations, making for an uncomfortable and slow drive at times. During rainy season it is closed for days.

Tue 5th June, 2018

From Rainbow Valley travelled to Alice Springs for couple of days to get the tyre for Frankie and top up supplies.

Old train carriage at Alice Spring transport museum.

Flock of Galah Cockatoos

Liked this unique power pole.

Sunset at Alice Spring

Thu 7th June, 2018

Tanami Track is sealed tar from Alice Springs for about 200km passed Tilmouth Well Roadhouse. Then it turns into dusty, corrugated and rocky at places untill it reaches Great Northern Road in WA.

After 250km we saw some good crop of rocks and decided to camp for the night there. It was about 5km before Mt. Doreen ruins.

Sunset was colorful with blazing colors with low lying clouds.

And the mandatory campfire.

Fri 8th June, 2018

Visited Mt Doreen ruins about a km off the main track. Once it was active cattle station.

The farm shed at Mt Doreen. Reminiscent of farm machinery are spread across the field.

In 1930, this was top of the range car.

Frankie, FoxRoo and Mt Doreen.

At night camping at Tanami Range.

Sunset and Venus.

Sat 9th June, 2018. Back on Tanami Track

Remains of Commodore ute at the base of Elsey Lookout.

Morning cuppa time.

View from Elsey Hill towards east.

View to Elsey Hill and our morning stop.

At the top of Elsey Hill. We spent sometime enjoying the panoramic view. There was good Telstra reception too.

Termite mound at NT & WA border rest area.

We stopped for cuppa at NT & WA border rest area before moving in ti Western Australia.

Western Australia Welcome Board.

There was small track leading top of a hill about 1km off the main track.

Once on the top, view was great. And Frankie came up the hill. We decided to stop for the lunch.

And then with unanimous vote we decided to stay there for the night too.

Sunset at Hill top.

Sun 10th June, 2018.

Back on Tanami Track and saw a wild camel.

Some variety of Euclyptus have this big fruit!

Some open spaces are full of small conic termite mounds.

Some termite mounds are bigger.

Mon 11th June, 2018.

Back to Tanami track after spending night at Wolfe Creek Crater. We are reaching close to Great North bitumen road.

Quarantine bin for fruits, vegetables coming from NT.

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