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Tanami Track WA to NT

Tanami Track at 1170km is a short cut from Alice Springs to Kimberley region in Western Australia. It starts 20km north of Alice Springs and runs up to Halls Creek in WA. It is mostly dirt & gravel road with some parts prone to severe corrugations, making for an uncomfortable and slow drive at times. During rainy season it is closed for days.

Return to NT via Tanami track was the same way we came to Western Australia 2-3 weeks ago.

Thu 28th June, 2018

Stayed the night at Ngumban Cliff RA. It has panoramic view.

Sunset was beautiful.

And the moonrise too.
Fri 29th June, 2018

After topping up fuel + 2 jerries at Halls Creek, turned left to Tanami Road from Wolfe Creek Crater signboard. It is about 1100km to Alice Springs.

(Note: Beside geological importance, Wolfe Creek is notoriously famous for a 2005 horror movie and the graffiti reminds the main character in the movie!)

On this return trip, WA side track was better than few weeks ago.

Signboard for NT border & few communities towards south.

Balgo Art Center - about 30km off Tanami track towards south. Like the colour of the vehicle.

One of few abandoned vehicles.

Northern Territory welcome sign

NT-WA rest area.

Stayed a night at Milky Way rest stop. It is quite large and no one was there and we had whole place to our self. Emptied 2 jerries in the tank - less weight on the rear axle.

Amazing place for sunset.

Sat 29th June, 2018

Early morning and moonset over Milky Way RA. Planned to start early to reach Tilmouth Wells for the night.

Had sunrise on the way - actually near the Sunset rest area.

Have this feeling our lives are centered around these 2 biggest celetial bodies circling us day and night.

Another abandoned vehicle.

Dingo on Tanami track.

Yuendumu sign 430km. And it will be yet another 400km to Alice after that.

The usual forest of Termite mounds.

And yet another abandoned vehicle.

Reached Tilmouth Wells Roadhouse by late afternoon. Needed some fuel to reach Alice. Until now FoxRoo burned a tank (125L) and 2 jerries from Halls Creek - roughly 15L/100km.

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